LLACAN is a research unit (“laboratory”) of the French National Center for Scientific Research, specialising in the study of the languages and cultures of Africa.
Our lab boasts specialists of African creoles and languages and literatures from at least fourteen African language families, viz. Adamawa, Atlantic, Benue-Congo, Berber, Central Sudanic, Chadic, Creoles, Cushitic, Eastern Sudanic, Egyptian, Kordofanian, Mande, Omotic, Semitic and Ubangi.


Phone: (33)1 49 58 38 40

Other affiliations

Associate Visiting Professor at the department of African Languages and Linguistics, Kwara State University, Malete, Nigeria.
I am an affiliated member of FEST (Functional and Cognitive Linguistics: English, Spanish and Typology) at the University of Leuven.

Research interests

My main interest is the description of African languages without a written tradition. This type of research ideally implies some knowledge of all aspects of linguistic analysis (e.g. phonetics and phonology, including the study of prosody; morphosyntax and lexical semantics). It is impossible to correctly analyse syntactic phenomena in the languages of central Africa without insight in their tonology, for instance.
The features and internal structure of nominal constituents are a primary focus in my descriptive, comparative and typological work. My comparative work has mainly focused on aspects of the structure of the noun phrase in Bantu languages, whereas the study of the grammatical behaviour of different types of proper names is the focus of my typological work.
Click here for an overview of my current research project, the comparative documentation of the Myene language cluster (Bantu, Gabon).