Comparative documentation of the Myene language cluster

Carte liguistique du Gabon
The Comparative documentation of the Myene language cluster is a research project carried out at LLACAN (CNRS) in collaboration with the Omar Bongo University in Libreville, Gabon. It is a major documentation project funded by the Endangered Languages Documentation Programme that will result in a large and diverse set of recorded and transcribed communicative events documenting the six varieties of the Myene language cluster (MYE), viz. Enenga, Adyumba, Mpongwe, Orungu, Galwa and Nkomi. This documentation will subsequently serve as a corpus for a full grammatical description of Myene. The project started on February 1st 2010 and will end January 31st 2013.
The Myene languages belong to the Narrow Bantu family. They are referred to as B10 in Malcolm Guthrie's referential classification of the Bantu languages. Myene is coloured light yellow on the linguistic map below.

We have so far documented a diverse set of communicative events, including free conversations, elicited and probed utterances, personal narratives, interviews, procedural discourse, speeches and literature. For every documentation session we have minimally an audio recording, some pictures and detailed metadata. For some there is also a video recording and a transcription file in ELAN. A major highlight of the documentation so far is the recording of the night long performance of the Oreniga epic in Nkomi. You can see the introduction here.