Dmitry Idiatov & Mark Van de Velde

Bena-Yungur (glottocode: bena1260), is a language from the Buto group (aka Bena-Mboi). Bena-Yungur is primarily spoken in Song LGA of Adamawa State to the northwest of the state capital Yola. The speakers refer to their language as ẽ́ẽ́ ɓə́nāā ‘the Bena language’. The name Yungur is originally an exonym, but today it is regularly used by the Bena themselves when speaking in other languages. Since speakers of the Laala varieties of the Buto group identify themselves as Bena as well, Kleinewillinghöfer (1993) proposes to use Bena-Yungur as the name of the language, a convention we follow.

We gathered initial data with about ten speakers in the village of Dumne during a pilot study in Adamawa State in 2011. Due to the insecurity in the region, we subsequently invited native speaker consultants to come and work with us in various locations outside of the Bena country. Our main consultants are Bitrus Andrew and (the late) Sabeta Musa Bukta. Our reference dialect for Bena-Yungur is the Pra (pə́ráá) variety of Bena-Yungur as spoken in Dumne.

An overview of basic phonology and morphosyntax of Bena-Yungur can be found in Van de Velde & Idiatov (2017) and Idiatov & Van de Velde (2018). An overview of some interesting phonetic features of Bena-Yungur in relation to its influence on the L2 English as spoken by the Bena-Yungur can be found in Idiatov (2019).

We are happy to present the first version of the Bena-English dictionary app (Idiatov, Van de Velde, Rabier 2021).