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Séminaire du Llacan – 04 octobre 2023‎ – Michael Karani : « Argument Structure in Parakuyo Maasai »

Mercredi 04 octobre 2023 de 10h à 11h, nous accueillons Michael Karani (Lecturer at University of Dar es Salaam) en personne pour une présentation intitulée : Argument Structure in Parakuyo Maasai.
Notez que Michael sera présent au LLACAN du 2 au 6 octobre.

Résumé : 

The talk is about a morphosyntactic analysis of argument structure and valence change in Parakuyo Maasai. The study closely investigates affixes which affect the number of arguments in a clause. Different verbal affixes in Maasai alter the structure of arguments in a clause. First, the findings show that affixes which introduce arguments in Maasai are causative, instrumental applicatives and dative. Second, argument-reducing suffixes include impersonal, middle, reciprocal and antipassive. The findings further demonstrate that the valence-increasing affixes introduce agents or causers/causer events, instrumentals, beneficiaries and locatives. The verbal suffixes which reduce verb valence, for instance, anticausative and impersonal tend to suppress the agent/causer or causer event whereas reciprocals and antipassives reduce either the direct object of the verb or the oblique.

Lien Zoom pour assister au séminaire : https://cnrs.zoom.us/j/95654741763

ID  réunion : 956 5474 1763

Code secret : 81Llacan35