Séminaires Llacan

Séminaire du Llacan – 29 novembre 2023‎ – Ahmed SOSAL : A reconstruction of selected Eastern Omo-Tana root extensions

Le mercredi 29 novembre 2023, de 10h à 11h, Ahmed SOSAL fera une présentation intitulée « A reconstruction of selected Eastern Omo-Tana root extensions ».


The Eastern Omo-Tana sub-group of the East Cushitic family, which includes Somali, Rendille, Boni, and Maay, has a rich and complex morphology. This talk will focus on the reconstruction of selected root extensions in Eastern Omo-Tana, including formatives, nominal suffixes, and verbal suffixes. The talk will provide an analysis of these extensions and their functions in Eastern Omo-Tana. Specifically, the presentation will focus on the reconstruction of: (i) number, gender, and aspect markers; (ii) causative and inchoative extensions; (iii) nominative/plural affixes. The reconstructed extensions provide insights into the morphological and phonological changes reflected in the individual Eastern Omo-Tana languages.

Lien Zoom pour assister au séminaire : https://cnrs.zoom.us/j/95654741763

ID  réunion : 956 5474 1763

Code secret : 81Llacan35