Le Llacan souhaite la bienvenue à Tella Samson Adekunle

Tella Samson Adekunle is a PhD candidate at University of Ibadan-Nigeria, who received a LABEX 2024 Mobility fellowship to spend three months (April-June 2024) at LLACAN. He is working on Negation in Bàtọ̀nu, a Gur language spoken across the border of Nigeria and the Republic of Benin. The Borgu Kingdom was partitioned between Britain and France, leading to the division of its territories. As a result of this partition, the Batombu of Ilesha Baruba, Gwanaru, Okuta, and Yashikiru came under British control, while Kpanetem, Wassatem, Banikparatem, and Makaratem in the Republic of Benin fell under French control.