Jour : 26 avril 2021

Séminaires Llacan

Séminaire du Llacan, Mercredi 28 avril : « Preview of Kugama’s socio-cultural practices », par Lora LITVINOVA

Mercredi 28 avril de 10H à 11H, Lora LITVINOVA nous propose son intervention : « Preview of Kugama’s socio-cultural practices »

Résumé :

The Kugama ethnic group lives in a number of villages in the Mayo-Belwa and Fufore Local Government Areas of Adamawa State in Nigeria. The estimated number of Kugama or Wam speakers (glottocode: kuga1239) is to five thousand according to Ethnologue (in 1995, Lewis et al. 2016), yet this number is still to be verified. Some Kugama villages are difficult to access especially during the rainy season. For this and other reasons, their traditional form of living has been preserved, most important events being circumcision, weddings, and funeral rites.

Kugama’s basic social structure is clan-based. There are six traditional clans, two political leaders and one traditional chief. The Kugama are mostly farmers and hunters. Circumcision takes place every three years. It is well regarded and encouraged in their community. Traditional funerals are usually reserved for older members of the community while a modest solemnization is performed for others. The Wekuh festival is an important cultural event held in the town of Mayo-Belwa during the months of April or May. Three communities (Kugama, Gengle and Sate) come together to celebrate their traditions during this festival.

My data were collected in the town of Mayo-Belwa and several Kugama villages during 2017-2020.


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