Jour : 30 mars 2024

Séminaires Llacan

Séminaire du Llacan
3 avril 10H – Self-propelled WALK verbs in Beja (Cushitic)

Ce mercredi 3 avril, c’est Martine Vanhove qui interviendra au séminaire du Llacan – en français, bien que le titre soit ici en anglais tout comme le résumé ci-dessous.

Abstract : Beja, the sole Cushitic language of the Northern branch (Afroasiatic), is mostly a verb-framed language, according to Talmy’s (1985, 2009, 2016) typology of motion events (see e.g. Slobin (2006), and Nikitina (2013) for discussions), but with a rich lexical encoding of the manners of motion, as well as time, cause and goal. Leaving aside the typological classification of motion events, this presentation will focus on how the semantic domain of the self-propelled motion of walking is carved up. Beja counts no less than 34 self-propelled walk verbs that can be subcategorized into four lexical categories, based on morphological and semantic criteria: […]

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