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Séminaire scientifique du Llacan : Rahel Dires le 12 octobre de 10H à 11H – Cushitic languages

Après la reprise du séminaire technique sous forme d’ateliers pratiques, c’est la rentrée du séminaire scientifique du Llacan. Reprise le 12 octobre prochain, de 10H à 11H: Rahel T. Dires (Université d’Helsinki), qui nous rend visite pour 3 mois (bourse labex EFL), présentera une communication intitulée The typology of singulatives in Cushitic languages.

Résumé: This talk introduces my PhD project which focuses on singulative forms used in the expression of number in Cushitic languages (Afro-Asiatic) spoken in Sudan, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Djibouti, Somalia, Kenya and Tanzania. This study is part of a broader project that aims to develop a typology of singulatives cross-linguistically; my research compares singulatives within the Cushitic language family. My PhD dissertation is article-based and is divided into three papers: the first two are about the morphology and semantics of singulatives, whereas the third one observes other features that singulative markers may carry (beyond individuation).