Séminaires Llacan

EN REPLAY : Séminaire du Llacan – Yvonne TREIS : Towards a Kambaata Digital Language Archive

Le mercredi 15 mai 2024, de 10h à 11h, Yvonne TREIS nous a fait une présentation intitulée : Towards a Kambaata Digital Language Archive.


This presentation is not a classical seminar paper but rather a progress report about my collaborative work on the Kambaata Digital Language Archive. I give an overview about the type of conversational data that I collected during my last field trip, and I explain where and in which form I plan to make this data available. I also present the transcription and translation workflow that I have been following with my two language assistants, Yoseph Yonas Zecharias and Teshome Dagne Madebo, since November. In the second part of the presentation, I highlight two aspects that characterize my new corpus and which were not attested (or overlooked) in earlier data: (a) different backchanneling elements, including an ingressively pronounced interjection and (b) frequent violations of the “standard” word order, which I had so far always assumed to be strictly head-final. As the transcription of the recordings progresses, these aspects can be explored and quantified in the near future.

Pour revoir la présentation sur zoom, cliquez ici.