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Séminaire SOS Collègues 19 décembre – Rebecca Voll

Attention, ce séminaire SOS collègues aura lieu à la place du séminaire technique initialement prévu et qui devait traiter des expressions régulières.

Nous accueillerons, ce mercredi 19 décembre, Rebecca VOLL, sur Self-quotation markers and patterns of reported discourse in Mundabli (Yemne-Kimbi, Cameroon).

Résumé : Mundabli reported discourse can be introduced by two different quotative markers: yɛ̄ and mə̄. These quotative markers distinguish between self-quotation (mə̄) vs. quotation of others (yɛ̄). Dedicated self-quotation markers like mə̄ are a typologically rare feature. My presentation illustrates Mundabli quotative constructions with natural speech data and investigates the exact distribution of the two quotative markers. It evaluates the Mundabli data with regard to comparable constructions found in other languages and to the general areal-typological picture.