Jour : 13 octobre 2021

Séminaires Llacan

Séminaire du Llacan – mercredi 20 octobre de 10h à 11h – Girma Mengistu Desta : Revisiting the prosodic system of Gamo

Le séminaire scientifique du Llacan reprend le mercredi 20 octobre de 10h à 11h en mode hybride.

Notre invité éthiopien, Girma Mengistu Desta (Assistant Professor, Addis Ababa University), nous parlera du ton en gamo, une langue omotique, pour solliciter vos commentaires sur ses analyses en cours.

Résumé de la présentation :

Gamo, an Omotic language spoken in southwestern Ethiopia, has been analyzed as having a tonal-accent system because a high pitch occurs in every word and has a culminative function (Hayward 1994). It is treated as a once-per-word and once-per-phrase element with predictable position of occurrence. Furthermore, the high pitch is considered as a an element  introduced at the interface of phonology and syntax. In the present study, it is argued on the basis of empirical data that high pitch is not a once-per-word and per-phrase element. It may be multiply associated with more than one TBU in polysyllabic words. It may also occur twice in a phrase. Its treatment as a boundary tone with a culminative function is also not convincing because it contrasts paradigmatically with a low tone and makes a meaning distinction. Therefore, Gamo is better analyzed as having a ‘restricted tone system’.

Lien pour assister au séminaire :
ID de réunion : 956 5474 1763
Code secret : 81Llacan35

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