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Séminaire du Llacan : Marie-Claude Simeone-Senelle ce mercredi 17 mai

Ce mercredi 17 mai de 10h à 11h, nous écouterons Marie-Claude Simeone-Senelle pour une présentation intitulée : Word order, Auxiliaries & Evolution of the verbal system in Dahālik (Ethiosemitic language)

NB : Si vous souhaitez venir au séminaire me ne pouvez vous libérer, merci d’avertir Marie-Claude en amont (marie-claude.simeone-senelle[at]

Résumé : Dahalik is an ethiosemitic language spoken exclusively in the Dahlak Archipelago located in the Red Sea near Massawa, Eritrea. Recorded in 1997, it is spoken by a very small number of speakers becoming increasingly rare. The language remains under-documented.
It is an Afro-Asiatic language, within the Southern Semitic group it is related to Northern Ethiosemitic, like Tigray and Tigrinya.
The predominant word order corresponds to that of the other related languages. But in Dahālik the order of the verbal constituents in compound conjugations is more flexible. After presenting the verbal sytem and the conjugations with the auxiliaries /be/ and /want/, I will show how the flexibility of the Verb+Auxiliary / Auxiliary+Verb has led to a reshaping of the verbal system with a new conjugation supplanting the basic one.
The new form sheds light on the evolution of Southern Semitic languages in Africa, in contact with Cushitic languages.
It provides further argument for positing the current dominant order in the living languages of the region as the result, in a context of different substrates and contacts, of an earlier reverse order (Auxiliary +Verb). This one maintained in the other South Semitic languages (Modern south Arabian) spoken on the eastern shore of the Red sea and in the southern Arabian Peninsula.

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