Jour : 19 avril 2023

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Séminaire du Llacan – 26 avril 2023‎ – Pascal Boyeldieu : «Tone split and tone replacement: ‎Diachronic pathways to a third tone level in ‘western’ SBB languages (Central Africa)»‎

Le mercredi 26 avril de 10h à 11h, nous écouterons Pascal Boyeldieu pour une présentation en anglais intitulée : Tone split and tone replacement: Diachronic pathways to a third tone level in ‘western’ SBB languages (Central Africa)


Sara-Bongo-Bagirmi (SBB) languages are chiefly spoken in Sudan, South Sudan, Chad, and the Central African Republic. They are part of the Central Sudanic branch of Greenberg’s Nilo-Saharan phylum.

While the historically common SBB tone system was characterised by two contrastive levels, a major sub-group of ‘western’ languages innovated in developing a third tone level towards the high frequency. However, the principles of this change differed according to whether it affected the verbs or the nouns. The aim of the talk is to show that these principles resulted from tone split in the first case vs. tone replacement in the latter.

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