Doctoral Colloquium

The doctoral colloquium is organised by the PhD students of LLACAN and it allows them to regularly discuss their research among themselves and with researchers from different research units.

This year, the colloquium is dedicated to presentation of work in progress. We also deepen our scientific and technical competences in specific domains, for which we will have special training session. The duration of each presentation is maximally one hour (40 minutes of presentation and 20 of discussion).

After consultation with his/her supervisor, each PhD student selects a moderator from among the researchers or teacher-researchers. The moderator ensures an active and fruitful exchange between the audience and the PhD student and thus allows the candidate to receive valuable feedback on his/her work. The moderator can be a member of LLACAN or be external. The moderator may not be the supervisor.

It is up to the PhD students to select the topics of the training sessions. The sessions focus on improving the students’ competences in the use of software such as Zotero, ELAN and Toolbox, i.e. software that is necessary to support them in collecting and managing their data as well as in writing their theses.

The colloquium takes place once per month at the conference room of LLACAN (7 rue Guy MĂ´quet - 94800 Villejuif). It is open to anyone wishing to participate.

Contact : Ana Karina TAVARES MOREIRA ( et Eveling VILLA (