ELAN-CorpA is an extended version of the software ELAN from the Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics of Nijmegen, Netherlands. It has been developed firstly by Coralie Villes, then Uyên-To Rabier and finally Mourad Aouini under the direction of Christian Chanard from the CNRS research laboratory LLACAN (UMR 8135 of CNRS), initially for the research program ANR CorpAfroAs (A Spoken Corpus for Afro-Asiatic Languages), coordinated by Amina Mettouchi.

  • Download ELAN-CorpA version 6.4 (30/02/2023)

  • After downloading, double-click the install file
  • You do not need to install any other software. A Java virtual machine is included with this download.
Mac OS X:
  • After downloading, double-click the downloaded file and drag the ELAN application in your Applications folder
  • If the application appears damaged when you want to launch it, open a terminal, move to the folder where the file is located (cd /Applications) and type the command : sudo xattr -rc then type the key <enter> and give the password of your machine. ELAN-CorpA should open when you double-click its icon. Create an alias for it (ctrl/click) and drag it to the desktop if it's not already there.
    Hierarchy of the tiers in ELAN-CorpA format (Mft allows you to group different refs)
    You will find *** here ***a PDF document a PDF document on the use of ELAN-CorpA
Citing ELAN-CorpA:
    ELAN-CorpA (Version 6.0) [Computer software]. (2023-02-30). Villejuif: CNRS-LLACAN (Langage, langues et cultures d'Afrique). Retrieved from

This version contains an additional tab 'Interlinearize' which allows the management of a XML lexicon (of extension .eafl) and the interactive segmentation into morphemes of words from a tier. Those morphemes are then annotated on 2 additional tiers (gloss and category), with the contents of the lexicon.

A second lexicon (Parse Lexicon, with an .eafp extension) containing the words segmented and annotated from previous texts can be created or extended to speed up the annotation process.

Useful tools:
  • Cleaning a local Parse Lexicon
  • Extracting an ELAN-CorpA lexicon from a local Parse Lexicon
  • Cleaning an ELAN-CorpA lexicon (delete bad entries)

Additionally, the table showing the hits found by a search in the annotated texts can display 2 more columns, 'parent' and 'children' (in addition to 'before' and 'after'), which contains the parent and the children of a search element (for example the word in which a morpheme has been found, the gloss and the category of this morpheme), respectively. Note: This has been incorporated into ELAN since the 4.6.1 release.

In the grid display, there is the new option to choose between 'multiple tiers with symbolic association' and 'multiple tiers with symbolic subdivision', which allows the display of the children of a tier depending on its stereotype. Note: this has been incorporated into ELAN since the 4.6.1 release.

Since the version 4.7, a new item can be found in the Search menu: CorpA Multiple files Search, where searching can be done using CorpA Query Language

Since the version 4.8, a new functionnality : Group&Link, has been added, which allow you to group chosen annotations into tables and to link these groups into other tables. Each group or link may have a Type (that can be chosen from a controlled vocabulary) and/or a Name. Then, an annotation searched with CorpA Multiple files Search may be constrained by a criteria of Existing or Not Existing in a group Type or Name.
Note that to save these groups and links, the ELAN file must contain data in a format that is not compatible with the ELAN from MPI.

In this ELAN-CorpA_5.7 release, the Group & Link feature is now compatible with the new ELAN 3.0 schema. For those who have used this feature in previous version 4.8 of ELAN-CorpA, their ELAN files will need to be converted (contact christian.chanard on

How to use Groups& Links

This new version ELAN-CorpA_6.0, integrates the new functionalities of ELAN 6.0 (export to WebAnnotation JSON format, open a remote, online .eaf file... (cf.

You will find here ( PC / Mac ) an ELAN template file Corpo1.etf that can be imported into ELAN to set up the types and tiers according to the CorpAfroAs model for one speaker, and here ( PC / Mac ) Corpo2.etf for two speakers. If the contents of those files open in your browser when downloading, just save them (file save as) on your computer.
To create a new ELAN file according to the CorpAfroAs template:

  • File, New, Browse to your Wav file, >> , ok
  • Delete the default tier (right-click on its label, delete default tier)
  • Tier, import Tiers
  • Browse to the downloaded file (Corpo1.etf for one speaker, Corpo2.etf for 2 speakers)
  • Import, Close
Windows: Mac:
ELAN-CorpA-6.1 ELAN-CorpA-61-install.exe ELAN-CorpA-61.dmg
ELAN-CorpA-512 ELAN-CorpA_512_install.exe
ELAN-CorpA-474 ELAN-CorpA_474_install.exe
ELAN-CorpA-462 ELAN-CorpA_462_win_install.exe
ELAN-CorpA-440 install-ELAN-CorpA2.exe
ELAN-CorpA2 install-CorpA2.exe
ELAN-CorpA-433 ELAN-CorpA_433.exe