ELDP contracts

A documentation project of Baa, an Adamawa language of Nigeria (2017-2018):

Baa (kwb) is a minority language of eastern Nigeria, with no previous description or documentation. The aim of this project by Mirjam Möller (PhD student at LLACAN) is to create a representative corpus of primary data consisting of annotated texts (both audio and video), including different types of texts and speech events. The corpus is the main tool to document the grammatical features of the language, which combined with her PhD project will result in a descriptive grammar of Baa. Another major part of the project is the training of community members in documentation techniques, and initial literacy materials being developed and published together with community members.

Kakabe Documentation (2013-2016):

Kakabe (kke) is a little known Mande language, spoken in Guinea, Fouta-Jallon. Its future is severely threatened by the increasing use of Pular. The project aims at producing a representative corpus of annotated texts (audio and video), a reference grammar and two dictionaries (Kakabe-English and Kakabe-French). It will also involve the development of written standards for the language, and the preparation of texts that will be made accessible to the community. The project will be conducted within the framework of my PhD program in Field Linguistics.
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Siwi Documentation (2012-2013):

The goal of the project is the documentation of the Siwi language (Berber language family, Afroasiatic phylum), a variety of Berber spoken in the Siwa oasis (Egypt) considered “definitely endangered” by the Atlas of UNESCO. A corpus of primary data is created, which is useful for the community and for berberologists who work on the comparison of Berber varieties. The main features of the language, especially as regards morphosyntax and discourse, are documented. Special attention is given to data elicited from women, which remain unknown because the conservatism of the society prohibited male researchers to undertake this work.
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Baskeet Documentation (2011-2013):

Baskeet (bst) is a little known Omotic language spoken by about 60,000 speakers at the fringes of the Ethiopian highlands in the Southern Nations, Nationalities and Peoples' Region of Ethiopia (6.34N 36.61 E). The project focuses on the linguistic and ethnographic documentation of endangered literary genres, namely songs, poems, prayers and ceremonial speech, which are being abandoned in the course of rapid socio-cultural changes. The project will, firstly, produce a multi-media documentation (text, audio, video) of these culturally emblematic endangered domains and, secondly, contribute to a longer-range project of an extensive documentation of Baskeet with a dictionary at its core.
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Myene Documentation (2010-2013):

The Comparative documentation of the Myene language cluster is a research project carried out at LLACAN (CNRS) in collaboration with the Omar Bongo University in Libreville, Gabon. It is a major documentation project funded by the Endangered Languages Documentation Programme that will result in a large and diverse set of recorded and transcribed communicative events documenting the six varieties of the Myene language cluster (MYE), viz. Enenga, Adyumba, Mpongwe, Orungu, Galwa and Nkomi. This documentation will subsequently serve as a corpus for a full grammatical description of Myene.
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