Science popularisation

Science popularisation (valorisation) is an essential element of the dissemination of research findings, as it adds value to the research carried out by the researchers and teacher-researchers of our research unit. Our knowledge of the languages we are working on is, for instance, reinvested into the production of schoolbooks or children’s book (with indigenous narratives, translations etc.) and thus knowledge is returned to the communities we work in. Video recordings – which were originally meant to support the linguistic analysis – are edited, burnt on DVDs (or provided in a downloadable format online) and made accessible to the local community and the general public.

Since its foundation, LLACAN has been committed to the valorisation (mobilisation) of the fieldwork results of its members. In the present and next five-year period, these activities take on a more systematic dimension, firstly, through the appointment of a valorisation coordinator (Nicolas Quint) and, secondly, through the integration of valorisation endeavours into all externally and internally funded projects of the research unit.

Contact: Nicolas Quint.